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April 10th, 2016

posted Apr 17, 2016, 6:49 PM by Balvihar Teachers 3A   [ updated Aug 23, 2017, 1:27 PM by Ameet Vishwakarma ]
We did a special activity on the Ramayana today - a Ramayana tableau. 
This was a combined activity for Class 3.

Basically, in this activity, the kids were divided into groups and given a scene from the Ramayana.
The kids had to compose the scene - they could be the characters of course, but they could also be trees, animals, things (like the Shiva Dhanush) and so on.
They were told to compose the scene on different levels - or heights - as in the dhanush(bow) flat on the ground, Sage Vishwamitra sitting, Rama and Lakshmana fighting with the rakshasas ...

And the kids did so well! You can see for yourselves how creative and awesome these kids were - check out the pictures!

These were some of the scenes -
Bala Kanda - Rama and Lakshmana defending Sage Vishwamitra against the demons threatening to disturb his penance
Sita Swayamvar
Aranya Kanda - The killing of Mareecha as the Golden Deer